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Even though Moffatt Products was an established company with over fifty years in the industry, its online presence was holding the company back. They had no way to generate leads online, and no clear marketing strategy. Their website didn’t highlight Moffatt’s design chops and hurt their credibility. They were coming in second to their competitors in SEO ranking. Their e-commerce was stagnant. E-commerce was a biggie, especially as it was important to Moffatt that engineers and product designers be able to easily navigate the Moffatt website to find what they need.

They were losing ground to competitors who offered an inferior product.

  • Limited e-commerce
  • Low SEO ranking
  • Unclear messaging
  • Dated website design
  • No online lead generation


Website | e-Commerce | Email Funnel | SEO | ebook

For starters, we wanted to get Moffatt the website their products deserved. We designed their site from the ground up, integrating e-commerce and best practices for searchability. We set up a funnel for email lists which included a great ebook (they had a big hand in) and an automated email campaign that showcased their personality and care. The results were huge. Almost immediately, their domain authority went up 160%. They’re now one of our on-going clients with terrific monthly content that reflects Moffatt’s brand perfectly.

  • Brought in $5,000 in ecommerce revenue in just a few months
  • Generate at least one high quality lead every month

"More than other vendors we’ve worked with, Banker Creative has been far more focused on understanding our problems and challenges and tailoring the plan to meet those needs."

Mark Moffatt
General Manager, Moffatt Products

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