“I must say that your report is one of the best I have seen in the three years of operating this program.”

Ron Peck, Port of Seattle


“I have been so impressed by your willingness to jump into situations that you did not create and take ownership to make it better.”

Kristin Raikes, Fusion Alliance


“Lara, you were so professional and organized throughout the planning process. I really appreciate your putting up with my incessant requests, schedule changes, presentation changes, hotel reservation changes, car service changes… and I could go on. You accommodated everything with a smile and kind words, which certainly did not go unnoticed.”

Ashely Herendeen, KIND Snacks


“Thank you for doing such a great job in your new role. You have really stepped up to the challenge.”

Clay Williams, CEO of Achieve Agency


“You are totally on top of things. You’ve been great and so helpful. Looking forward to meeting you in person.”

Carrie Huttchinson, National Geographic


“The Case Foundation just spent a solid 15 minutes bragging about MCON and what we think of Achieve. We do not usually support something for five years, but we really believe in what Achieve and MCON are doing.”

Emily Yu, The Case Foundation


“Thank you, Lara! You are the greatest Sells Group employee!”

Lisa Rollings, Simons Bitzer & Associates


“You have a limitless future ahead of you and I’m glad that I’ll be able to say, ‘I knew her back when.’ Thank you so much for your dedication, it was a pleasure for me to be able to work with you.”

Aaron Miller, Markey’s


“I had a blast, thank you so much to you for your impeccable work and the Achieve team for putting on a first-rate, invigorating event! Do enjoy some massively deserved good rest.”

Daniel Lee, Levi Strauss Foundation


“The Twitter conversation at MCON was some of the best that we’ve seen!”

Alexandra Bennet, Sunshine Sacs


“You guys are the best! I’ve been singing your praises to everyone who has asked. Such a great event with great people and so well executed. A joy to attend and be a part of so thank you for all your work and letter me be involved.”

Brady Josephson, NextAfter