Social Media Product Campaign: GlobalMeet

GlobalMeet Campaign for PGi

Situation: This campaign was for a technology client, PGi, that sold meeting and collaboration software to other companies across the globe. Often times promoting products to a B2B audience can feel stale and dull, so we were challenged with the task of creating a more enticing campaign that encouraged increased engagement across social media channels.

Task: After brainstorming with the client, I worked with them to develop a campaign strategy and conducted my own research to find images that I knew would generate a reaction from our audience. In addition to the overall strategy, targeting, budget, and timing plan, I drafted the image copy, post copy as well as worked with the design team to create the graphics.

Action: Once the campaign strategy was approved, I executed this campaign by running the posts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn over the course of 6 weeks.

Result: Our engagement numbers for this campaign was more than double our average for the year, thus accomplishing our goal of making our product something that our audience wanted to interact with.