Social Media Campaign: PGi

Year of the Customer Campaign

Situation: One of my clients, PGi, a technology collaboration software company, wanted to brainstorm a campaign theme that we could run throughout the year to celebrate our customers. This was to be a brand awareness social media campaign.

Task: I provided several different brainstorm options to the client, keeping in mind our budget and resources for design. This resulted in a full campaign strategy document where we could track metrics across channels on how the campaign performed.

Action: We decided to feature a variety of customers including their photos and quotes about the company and link back to relevant company blogs to raise awareness and increase web traffic. I managed the process of executing this campaign by promoting our creative on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter and tracking results throughout the year. Managing this project included continually collaboration with the client team to secure quotes and photos, find relevant blogs to link to, work with the design team to create the graphics and get final approval on all artwork before pushing these live. It was a complex project to manage all of the moving pieces as we pushed these once a week across social media channels.

Result: This campaign was among the top performing nearly every month we ran them. The engagement was double and sometimes triple of our average and contributed significantly our overall engagement for the year, which rose 15% in 2016.