Social Media Campaign: Love Stories

Love Stories for George Thompson Diamond

Situation: one of our primary objectives when onboarding George Thompson Diamond Company as a new client was to build their Instagram presence and optimize posts to increase engagement. Since they are a diamond company and in the business of love, we knew we were going to have to pull on heart strings with our approach.

Task: This process began with me pulling their data and engagement metrics from the past year as well as analyzing their content strategy. I spent a lot of time reviewing what was working and what was not working on Instagram and presented my findings as well as recommendations.

Action: One of the recommendations I had was to start using more human-centric photos and really connect with our audience where they were at, rather than solely focusing on promoting ourselves and our products. We included some promotional material in our posting strategy, but we decided to also run a love stories campaigns featuring adorable photos and ways that couple love each. We wanted to connect to those people who are in love and nearing the time where they might get engaged.

Result: This campaign contributed to our nearly doubling our growth every month in followers as well as increasing the user's time on their website to an average of over 15 minutes. Clearly, the Instagram audience was highly engaged users, we just needed the right content to attract them to our website.