Marketing Plan: Achieve

Created for Achieve Marketing Agency

Situation: When I joined Achieve, we were a consultancy agency providing business and marketing plans for nonprofits across the country. I was brought on to the team to help transition the company to a marketing agency where we could actually execute on the plans we were creating. In partnership with the President, Derrick Feldmann, we worked to move the agency into a true creative agency and offer a full line of services to our clients. Along the way, we knew we needed to reposition our own internal brand to be more focused on our new service offerings, so I took the initiative to develop a marketing strategy for the company.

Task: To position Achieve as a full-service marketing agency and develop a plan for how we can execute our goals.

Action: I conducted an audit of the current state of our marketing materials, which consisted of social media, email marketing, webinars, speaking engagements, events, blogs, and some other smaller projects. Of course, I was pleased to see several of my blogs in the top content of all time. I also used our overall company values to develop a positioning statement, BHAG, outline of our services and recommendations for where we should go next.

Result: Since we had never had an internal marketing plan before, the executive team received my presentation and recommendations quite well and were excited about the growth opportunity for implementing this plan. They essentially gave me the green light and autonomy to execute, which was a rewarding process.

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