Event Marketing: MCON

Managed MCON from 2012-2015

Situation: MCON brings in a global audience of 20,000 online viewers as well as over 300 in-person attendees. The objective of the conference is to showcase how companies and individuals are working towards social good in a variety of creative and unique ways. The conference has featured Daniel Lubetzsky of KIND Snacks, Gary Knell of National Geographic, Jean Case of the Case Foundation and many more.

Task: It was my responsibility to manage all of the moving parts of MCON, including all marketing materials, ticket sales, promotional partners, vendors, agencies, and sponsors. I also was in charge of finding and securing speakers and making sure they had a fantastic experience at the conference. This was easily my biggest project of the year and it also brought in new clients as well as provided incredible brand recognition for our agency. This generated a lot of pressure from both our internal team as well as sponsors such as the Case Foundation to prove we continued to be successful and grow year-over-year.

Action: I had a blast working on MCON. I had the privilege of working with an incredible team and meeting some of the most brilliant minds in social good. I loved this project and put countless hours into managing all of the details with one goal in mind: an unforgettable experience. I didn't want this to be like every other conference. I believe marketing should be an experience and through great design and innovative interactive ideas, you can create a forever memory in each person's mind of the experience.

Result: The number of compliments, praise, and thanks that I received during and after the conference was overwhelming, to say the least. We were profitable even after the very first year, which is largely unheard of for a conference. We also obtained several clients from the event, trended several times on Twitter and impacted millions of online viewers (full reach information can be seen on the slides). Of course, I had put in a ton of work for months and months leading up to the event, but it all paid off when I was able to see how elated the attendees were. Not only that, but I received compliments from Daniel Lee of Levi Strauss Foundation, Ashley with KIND Snacks, Carrie Hutchinson with National Geographic, and more. For a full list of testimonials on my work, visit my Testimonials page. Words cannot describe the feeling of satisfaction that comes with a job well done and seeing so many people connect and be inspired by all my hard work. It was very much worth it.