31 Days of Horror

Marketing Campaign

The goal of this campaign was to celebrate the genre of horror by promoting Scared to Death: The Thrill of Horror Film exhibition, October events, activations around Seattle, and 31 days of terrifying content on the blog and social media. In order to tie all of the components together, we created an overall marketing campaign called 31 Days of Horror to encompass the individual parts.

The branding for this campaign borrowed inspiration from classic 80s slasher movies and we developed it into a three-part series of logos, each with its own nod to the famous slashers. The campaign began as a teaser where we capture email addresses before ticket went on sale. We also leveraged our partnership with Cinerama and the new release of Halloween to follow a Michael Meyers cosplayer from MoPOP to Cinerama and promote on social media. We also wanted to send users to one landing page to get all of the month’s events in one place and offer a 15% discount for super fans who wanted to purchase all three events. The landing page for this campaign was 7th highest of all MoPOP’s webpages during the run of this campaign, which was a huge success compared to previous years.

We also conducted A/B testing with our digital ads and learned that the 31 Days of Horror content and the 15% off discount was the most compelling for conversion. Those were our top ads resulting in a 1.14 ROAS and a 5.34% conversion rate. The second highest performing ad was the one promoting the film Scream, which isn’t surprising as it was a fan-favorite chosen by our audience through a voting process. In additional to standard digital ads, we ran a Facebook page promotion with this content, asking fans to like our page and get updates on the upcoming horrifying events. This resulted in nearly 60k people reached and 1400 page likes at the lowest cost per like we had seen all year.